Design Solution for Developers
Sketchode 2
Sketchode, a Sketch software application, provides graphical representation of any project
Design export into a layout manager directly from Sketch. Quick visual access to every detail. Easy navigation within the project. A complete set of tools for building and managing a unique interface.
Fonts, colors, opacity
Select an element in the main area to view its font name, color, and opacity in the info panel.
Size and position

Select an item to check its thumbnail in the Preview section. The info panel shows the measurements and location of the chosen object.
Shadows, visibility, image resolution
Use a navigation bar to hide elements or disable their shadows. With the help of this layout manager, any single component or group of components can be exported with a specific set of resolutions and suffixes in just one operation.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Installation Step 1 screenshot
Download Sketchode Extension file and double-click to open it.

Download Plugin For Sketch 3
Installation Step 1 screenshot
Go to Plugins ▸ Sketchode 
or use ⌘E hotkey to activate the plugin.
Installation Step 1 screenshot
Export an archived design project on your hard drive or upload it directly into a Jira issue.
Smooth Designer–Developer workflow
Simple and intuitive means of design export and review.
Sketchode - a Sketch software app that offers a solution for optimizing mobile and desktop applications development. All the necessary materials are presented in a convenient form. Tight integration with Jira accounts, including the option of automatically uploading projects into issues.
Download plugin for Sketch
Download the plugin of the previous version of Sketchode:
Download older plugin