Sketchode provides a graphical representation of any project created in Sketch

Design export into a layout manager directly from Sketch. Quick visual access to every detail. Easy navigation within the project. A complete set of tools for building and managing a unique interface.
All layers and groups in the original hierarchy
In-app slices and precise positions
Full set of attributes, including size, fonts, effects
Magnifier with built-in color picker
This tool allows you to zoom in the area of your choice, inspecting it pixel by pixel, and sample the colors.
Guideline: search and filter layers by styles
Guideline displays the selection of colors, bitmaps and text styles used in the project for you. Clicking on each item, you can see the list of artboards it’s been applied to, each one available for preview.
Text styles
Colors & graphic styles
Jira integration
Upload the projects directly into Jira tasks by specifying the issue number to make communication within the team faster and streamline the workflow.
Pick layers to export to PDF, JPEG and other popular file formats
Take advantage of the opportunity to pick out only the relevant layers from the original Sketch project. Export layers individually or in groups, combining them as needed.

Original layers
Popular formats
Export presets