Sketchode milestones

Fulfilling your vision is always a process. We try to keep track of all the smaller steps that got us to the Sketchode of today - every feature and every achievement. Building this timeline is our way to remember where we’ve started from and where we’re going, as well as to share our story with the users.
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December 2015
Sketchode originally appeared to fulfill the company’s own need for a solution that would optimize workflow between the departments. On December 21st 2015 a decision was made to start internal testing of the app’s pilot version. First step of the plan involved implementing the basic iteration that was available at that time for a test group of the company’s developers in order to determine weak points in the feature set.
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April 2016
Planning and first steps
version 1.0
After three months of the test run Sketchode 1 was submitted to be published on Mac App Store. In accordance with the company’s policy, the product still remains available exclusively on the official market for Mac applications. April’s release wasn’t carried out with an intent of bringing the application to market, but rather for testing it with a larger audience so as to outline the development objectives more clearly.
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May 2016
Promotion and market entry
version 1.2
A month after the release and the expansion of app’s toolkit that followed, the company started sending out e-mails inviting developers and designers to take part in Sketchode’s beta test. As a result, the number of installs increased and the team received some helpful feedback from the potential customers.
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August 2016
version 1.3
Said feedback was instrumental in introducing significant improvements, such as extra export options and multiple tabs, into the product by the beginning of summer. Throughout July the team’s focus was on optimizing the exported .sketchode file, which resulted in making the rendering process faster and bringing the file size down.
In August the developers began working to provide vector graphics support as well as to optimize the utility so that it could run fast and stable even on the less powerful machines.
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January 2017
New horizons
version 2.0
With New Year comes a new version - it’s with this motto that the team moved into 2017. 
The year started with the launch of Sketchode 2 which offered the users an expanded feature set: improved content display method thanks to the implementation of vector graphics, guideline menu with the option of searching items by color, text style or bitmap, as well as opening them in the preview mode, comprehensible export process. 
Exporting Image Assets and files to PDF became a possibility. For weaker devices the option of reducing the image quality when zooming in was provided.
Ever since the beginning our developers have been tracking the updates of Sketch in order to keep Sketchode properly adapted. Sketchode is listed among extensions on the official website of Sketch under Featured Integrations.